Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite
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The New Cloud Series

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Escape To Your Next Adventure

The Escape is a highly functional photographer camera backpack. It's capacity helps you in carrying SLR Gear as well as multiple lenses.

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Camera Backpacks that are up for Adventure

Does your Adventure Photography gear have the stamina to match your passion? Clik Elite Packs will get you there.

Capture Adventure

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Serious Lens Protection

These inexpensive soft wraps for lenses are an essential part of any Outdoor Photography kit, and provide some Serious Lens Protection

Protect Your Lenses

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Camera Packs that are ready for Your Adventure

The Cloud Series gets your gear where you want it when you need it. Whatever the adventure our Camera Packs are up to the challange

Gear Up For Adventure

Meet the Elite Immortals

Lukasz Warzecha wearing a Camera Chest Carrier from Clik Elite in the Snow Get to know the driving force behind our continued innovation. These pro photographers put our gear to the test.

Meet the Team

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