Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

The Art of the Adventure by: Bryce Thatcher

I have never been a half in, half out kind of person. In fact, whatever I do gets the focus of my entire soul and purpose of being. And, yet, I have dual sided interests that seem to reside as simultaneously needs.

Clik Elite Cloud Series Seeker Adventure Photography Waist Pack - Blue - In Action


I love engaging in adventures that are photo worthy, and I also love to be on the opposite side of the lens capturing those adventures in a creative way.


Only in this way am I able to have both a physical and an artistic experience.

Call it a kind of installation art, designed to transform the perception of the space of the adventure and allowing it to be viewed from a distance.

I think there are thousands of others out there who feel the same about their everyday experiences and adventures—those who’s lives are photo worthy and beg to be captured for posterity—or as a visual reminder of life’s most vivid and varied possibilities!

In my pursuit of this mirror sided world, I have sought to produce the things I needed if I couldn’t find it out there in the market place, and to provide them to others who also wish to capture the art of their own adventures.

This has been true of my ultra running, biking, climbing, and other ultra athletic endeavors and also of photography, a companion component to all the others, and the impetus behind Clik Elite photography products.

Clik is becoming well known for its adventure worthy packs, but Clik Elite is more than just a backpack brand. If I have seen or felt a need I have acted on it, and worked to bring it to the market. These have included accessories with attention to details.

Here are a few examples:



Clik Sit:  Many times in the depth of a canyon or on the precipice of a peak I have wished for a convenient place to sit, change filters or steady my camera, listen and wait for the perfect light. The “Clik Sit” is a lightweight answer to capturing this moment. Easy to carry folded flat in your pack, the lightweight aluminum frame opens out and secures into a sturdy perch.


Camera Pouches:  Various sized pouches attach easily but securely to gear loops of all larger packs and are made of durable fabric that provides more protection. They make smaller items easily accessible, including cell phones, and are not necessarily meant just for smaller cameras.



Lens Wraps:  Came out of my fastidiousness with my camera gear. In the early days, I could not afford camera gear so every single piece of equipment was treated like gold, with double protection. My very first camera pack was for climbing mountains where even careful padding seemed inadequate. Lens Wraps are an ideal solution for protecting a delicate camera body, lenses or other equipment inside and outside a pack. And, you can use it in any bag in a pinch—not just those with a camera specific bay.

Clik Elite Adventure Photography Filter Organizer - Grey

Filter Valet: A soft cloth envelope to accommodate filters, fitting them easily into an available backpack or other space suitable for living in the milieu of adventure.





Chest Carrier: Taking off a pack to get to a camera from its padded compartment is tedious, and keeping it in the hand is difficult too, a rain shower begins, or a rappel needs to be made, and the camera isn’t safe exposed. The solution:  a quick access camera bay that you carry up front in one of the most protected places on your body, with the added advantage of being close and ready to go.DALLAS-HYLAND---340175440-WEB_MEDIUM


The idea of the chest carrier pack was born when I was climbing Mt. Rainier with a guide service. Several climbers carrying big backpacks were roped up together. The guide would only let us stop once every hour. I missed a lot of great shots. This gave me the idea that often times you miss the shoot because it’s not convenient to stop and take your camera out of your backpack.  With the Chest Carrier there is no need to miss the perfect shot.




Wrist strap: At the moment of shooting, a camera is still going to be exposed to 2,000 vertical feet, a raging river, or just the distance from your hand to the ground. A drop during any one of those scenarios could be devastating. With a soft and comfortable strap, the fear that you will lose your expensive camera, lens and all of the images from last weeks’ adventures, is gone.


Clik Elite may have an image as the go-to brand for the most extreme of sports photographers, but we believe that adventure is where you find it—every day. We make gear for people who can’t bear going out into life unprepared to capture what just might happen along the way!