Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

Carolyn Guild Review

I’ve purchased and used many backpacks in the eternal quest for that elusive perfect pack. For the most part, I’ve used Lowe Pro’s Photo Trekker AW II, and the Compu Trekker for airline travel because of the laptop sleeve. Problems with these packs for me: the Photo Trekker weighs in at 9 lbs. empty. The Compu Trekker is just uncomfortable.

A few months ago, I stopped into my fav camera store Pictureline in Salt Lake City, desperately looking for a smaller pack to carry 1 camera body and a couple of lenses for a trip to Wyoming and Idaho. They showed me the Clik Elite Medium Nature pack…. I tried it on, and thought PERFECT…. I’ll take it.

And now those several months later, I am soooooo glad I did. The pack fits like a dream. It has an adjustable harness, so it doesn’t matter if your torso is short or tall, you can adjust the fit. It takes a couple of days wearing to mold the dense foam to my body, but then it’s the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn. Even when I’d overstuff it with bodies and lenses.

Quality and workmanship are topnotch. The material sheds water. It cleans easily. And even with the abuse I’ve given this pack, there are no signs of wear.

I HIGHLY recommend this pack for short day trips, hiking from a vehicle or base camp etc…

OK….. time to think about replacing the 9 lb. Photo Trekker. I’m really wanting a pack that will carry 2 pro bodies, and several lenses. I took out the Click Elite Pro today, and was pleasantly surprised. Even though I loaded it up with gear (for testing) it was comfortable, and had plenty of support for the load. Lots of pockets with room for extras, including a laptop sleeve that will hold my 17” computer. And I think Clik got it right: the computer sleeve is on the outside of the pack, not against your back. I feel this allows the pack to ride correctly, and therefore be more comfortable than a pack with the laptop against my back. Same adjustable harness. Same high quality material and workmanship. You guys just do it right! Thanks tons!!!

Carolyn Guild

Carolyn Guild’s photographs have gained International attention. She has won numerous awards including most recently B&W Magazine’s Gold Award for Seascape/Nature, First Place at PX3 — Prix de la Photographie — Paris in the *Professional — Nature* category and several Honourable Mentions from IPS — International Photography Awards. Her work can be found in public and private collections and is exhibited in galleries and museums.

Using long exposures, Guild takes photography beyond the realistic view and into a world that explores the unseen —  transforming the natural world over time, allowing glimpses into an enchanted landscape. Her images have a  surrealistic evocative feel.

Guild, born in 1951, currently splits her residences between Mexico, California and Utah with her husband. She travels extensively to capture her transfixing black and white photographs.