Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

Clik Elite Camera Body and Lens Wraps

Mail Attachment-2As a working photojournalist and adventure photographer, I cannot emphasize how imperative it is to have both the ability to protect my equipment while on the move, but for the gear I use to protect it to be ergonomic and adaptable to the type of work I do. This is to say that it must not be cumbersome and it must give me rapid access to my camera equipment when I need it because the difference sometimes for me between getting the shot and missing it, is being ready when it happens.

Clik Elite Adventure Packs have been a staple in my work process and flow for years now and in the last year I have begun utilizing their Camera and Lens Wraps for added protection and rapid accessibility to my cameras. When used in conjunction with Clik’s packs, they provide a back up layer of protection but I also utilize these wraps on backcountry excursions where a more technical climbing pack is necessary which does not contain Clik’s signature camera pods. The wraps are soft neoprene and give a layer of padding and also protection from dust and water while the camera is in the pack.

Photography is a fluid medium that requires meticulous attention to detail before, during, and after the shoot for optimal results. Clik Elite Adventure Packs, Bags, and Accessories are the best the industry has to offer which is why I am never without at least one piece of their gear if not more when I am working.


Video on Lens Wraps and Accessories by: Dallas Hyland

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