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Clik Pro Steven Lloyd’s sick two page spread in Powder Mag’s photo annual

Steven Lloyd captures another amazing shot with Clik Elite Adventure Photography GearClik Pro Steven Lloyd’s sick two page spread in Powder Mag’s photo annual

Some thoughts from Steven on the shoot day:

“One of the highlights of the year is to pick up a copy of the Powder Magazines photo annual and check out what creative minds around the world have come up with. Its even better when you are one of those creative minds and have a two page spread in there. I am pretty stoked to have this photo of kevin Brower making the best of a real wet storm early last season.
This photo was the very first photo I took last year. With below average snow fall and not much to shoot up high we were getting discouraged on not being able to shoot much at the beginning of last season. One night a super wet storm came in and plastered little cottonwood with a heavy wet snow that coated the trees in a unusual way. I called up Brower and said we needed to make something happen. We went up to the boldering area up little cottonwood and searched for something to jib on. Kevin found this rock to tail press on. Pushing his skis to the max and bending them as far as they could bend. I was impressed to say the least.
The snow on the trees lit by the flashes made the perfect reflecting card and bounced light everywhere creating a canopy of purple light. Almost like christmas lights on a tree it brought a magical feeling to the photo.” -Steven Lloyd