Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

ClikStand Mobile Studio Saves the Shoot

When  Bryce Thatcher climbed Mt. Ranier in 2004, he improvised a camera pack to keep his photo gear within reach during the summit. And the idea behind Clik Elite was born. Now Clik’s President, Bryce Thatcher shares how another Clik Elite innovation saved two of his  recent shoots for Nathan Sports:

In the 25 years I have been doing this I have not had such a hard time getting the weather to cooperate with my photos.  As always, deadlines have been tight, but usually I can count on a day or two of good weather to get the optimal lighting conditions for outdoor athletic photography.

With only one week to shoot all the photography for a 48 page catalogue—both action and studio—I was banking on good weather for our action shots.  The studio was fine and routine, but the action was difficult.
I checked the weather carefully to select the best days for action photos.  Day one was for the cover photo and a variety of inset photos.

The weather was 100% overcast with very flat light.  To make matters worse the location was in the middle of a dark forest near a stream bed.  Beautiful area,  and it would have worked well with a tripod and slow shutter speed, but it was less than ideal to stop the action of a jumping athlete—the shot we were looking for to illustrate the edgy/extreme nature of Nathan Products.

Luckily I was carrying my gear in a Nature 35 with a ClikStand,  and I had a few hand held flashes in the pack. I had a portable studio set up in no time.  The ClikStand allowed me to quickly (under 2 minutes) set up a professional light setup in the middle of a dark forest.

The same thing happened again on another day of the shoot.  Rain all day.  No light and 100% overcast.  I had hiked a long way into the Grand Teton National Park in the backcountry,  carrying my trusty Nature 35 with ClikStand. We staged another shoot against a very tight deadline, this time for the back cover.

Clik allowed me to get where I needed quickly. I carried the necessary lighting and setting up with the ClikStand allowed me to get the shots I needed quickly. These shoots simply couldn’t have been as successful without the portability and convenience of the ClikStand.