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Contrejour 40 user review

Clik Elite Cloudseries Contrejour 40 Liter Ski/Snowboard Adventure Photography BackpackI shoot a lot of extreme sports in the Canadian Rockies and like to carry a little extra gear for landscapes while we are out there. I have used a lot of packs but have put the Contejoure40 to the test this season. I where it on every ski t…rip and every kiteskiing trip and even to the occasional commercial shoot. I have even had a 13meter kite stored in the back section with my basic pro kit loaded in the camera block.

This is a super smart pack and easy to open or get on and off (even with gloves). My basic pro kit and travel gear live in this thing all the time now so I can just grab and go. A few modular pouches or chest mount would make this the complete unit.
-Kurtis K.