Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

Creating Inspirational Photography by Brad Lewis

Creativity matters. The Eye. Composition. Perspective. Attaining the light that is right to set the soul free. And gear matters. Camera systems. Packs. Tripods. Together, creativity and the right gear provide the means to create inspirational photography.


I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years, specializing in erupting volcanoes, so you can imagine all the camera bags and packs I have gone through. The heat, acid fumes, and razor sharp lava test all of my equipment to the maximum level.
Besides focusing on the volcano, I also base out of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, with the best skiing on the planet, and in Homer, Alaska, where the Harding Icefield is my front yard. So the conditions I deal are from one extreme to the other, and the gear I chose to take into the remote places can make or break the trip.
I was first introduced to the Clik Elite line of camera bags when I walked into the David West Gallery in Zions National Park, after an extended shoot in the Narrows. It was the chest carrier that first grabbed my attention, as I had just come off a full winter of shooting ski scenes in the Wasatch Mtns, and still had strap marks cut into my shoulders from the competitors (Lowe Pro) gear I had been using. I knew immediately that Clik had something over anything I had ever seen. I was sold by my first look at it, much less actually trying it out, which happened very soon thereafter.


Functionality usually trumps comfort, but with Clik gear, there is no sacrifice. function and comfort are one and the same. Once I got onto the chest carrier program, it was only natural for the Contrejour to fall into place, with the built in buckles to securely hold the chest carrier, and the trim fit to get me over hot flows, and through tight trees while skiing. I am usually in conditions where putting gear on the ground is not an option. I need my camera at hand at all times. If I have to take off my pack to get my camera, I have already missed the shot.