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#midweekmuster show us what you’ve got!


You all know we love posting photos. We want to see yours. Welcome #midweekmuster

Every week we will post a new #topic. Your mission if you choose to accept it…Post a photo on Instagram add the topic’s hashtag that we give you for the week. We will choose a random winner to win one of the following:


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Tuesday Evenings we will post a photo on our Clik Elite Instagram with the hashtags #midweekmuster and the hashtag of that week’s topic. You have until Wednesday night (11:59 pm MST) – to post your photo via Instagram with the hashtags.

Our weekly challenge post will look similar to this….



Yours will look something like this…


We will notify winners on their Instagram account.

Now for the rules : There are no rules. Okay maybe a few! The photography must be your own. Photos must have the hashtags attached to the photo either on the post or in the comments. HAVE FUN!

Questions? –  email us @ or ask us right on Instagram.