Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

Why the Clik Elite Pro-Express was the perfect bag for this occasion.

I’m one of those people who will try to carry too many grocery sacks from the car to the kitchen table in order to save myself a trip. As a consequence, I’m also one of those people who drops the eggs a lot. Oddly enough, it’s usually only after I’m cleaning yolk off the garage floor that I realize I was acting stupidly. Saving the extra trip back to the car just seemed so. . . worth it, at the time. For some reason, there’s a drive inside of me that hates to leave something behind. I get eggs for $2 a dozen, so as wasteful and ridiculous as my little problem is, its never really... Read More

Clik Elite Camera Body and Lens Wraps

As a working photojournalist and adventure photographer, I cannot emphasize how imperative it is to have both the ability to protect my equipment while on the move, but for the gear I use to protect it to be ergonomic and adaptable to the type of work I do. This is to say that it must not be cumbersome and it must give me rapid access to my camera equipment when I need it because the difference sometimes for me between getting the shot and missing it, is being ready when it happens. Clik Elite Adventure Packs have been a staple in my work process and flow for years now and in the last year I... Read More

Elite Immortal Liam Doran packs light and heads outdoors.

Clik Elite Immortal Liam Doran took some time with out a deadline and grabbed some of his favorite gear the Contrejour 35, ProBody Sport and Camera Capsule and took off to have some fun shooting and blog writing.Here is a snippet of the write up from Sigma’s Blog….After a long winter of heavy shooting and endless travel on assignment I usually take a few weeks of late spring and early summer to spend time with family and friends and do a bit of casual photography.  When I don’t have to worry about deadlines, editors, athletes and assignments I leave the big pack filled with... Read More

The Art of the Adventure by: Bryce Thatcher

I have never been a half in, half out kind of person. In fact, whatever I do gets the focus of my entire soul and purpose of being. And, yet, I have dual sided interests that seem to reside as simultaneously needs.   I love engaging in adventures that are photo worthy, and I also love to be on the opposite side of the lens capturing those adventures in a creative way.   Only in this way am I able to have both a physical and an artistic experience. Call it a kind of installation art, designed to transform the perception of the space of the adventure and allowing it to be viewed... Read More

#midweekmuster show us what you’ve got!

You all know we love posting photos. We want to see yours. Welcome #midweekmuster Every week we will post a new #topic. Your mission if you choose to accept it…Post a photo on Instagram add the topic’s hashtag that we give you for the week. We will choose a random winner to win one of the following:     Tuesday Evenings we will post a photo on our Clik Elite Instagram with the hashtags #midweekmuster and the hashtag of that week’s topic. You have until Wednesday night (11:59 pm MST) – to post your photo via Instagram with the hashtags. Our weekly challenge... Read More

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Digital Communication as a Photographer

Words of Wisdom from Clik Elite Immortal and‘s Lead Photo Editor, Re Wikstrom   Let’s be honest… no one says, “I want to be a photographer so I can sit behind a desk and stare at my computer all day!” But alas, the photography industry has gone full digital with emails, FTPs, and personal websites flowing like water. Gone are the days of slide edits, with individually printed labels, tucked into print-file sleeves by a gloved hand, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, next to a delivery memo and a hand-crafted note, slipped into a large... Read More

From mountain peaks to Sand Dunes the Contrejour 40 gets around.

Emmy award winning producer, director, DP and cinematographer  and #eliteimmortal Steve Gibby talks about the Contrejour 40 in his latest filming  adventure in Southern Utah all in one weekend. “The Clik Elite Contrejour 40 backpacks turned out to be an excellent choice. They’re spacious, comfortable as you walk, and have the many compartments and features a mobile cinematographer, videographer, or still photographer is looking for. The interior dividers can be quickly re-arranged for whatever cameras and accessories you’re using on each production. Beyond that, they just look... Read More

Creating Inspirational Photography by Brad Lewis

Creativity matters. The Eye. Composition. Perspective. Attaining the light that is right to set the soul free. And gear matters. Camera systems. Packs. Tripods. Together, creativity and the right gear provide the means to create inspirational photography. I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years, specializing in erupting volcanoes, so you can imagine all the camera bags and packs I have gone through. The heat, acid fumes, and razor sharp lava test all of my equipment to the maximum level. Besides focusing on the volcano, I also base out of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah,... Read More

Pack it Like a Pro with Gabe Rogel

After shooting various types of climbing over the years (18, now that I count), there are two various camera and camera-carrying systems, which I’ve fine tuned to perfectly fit my needs. In looking back at all the cutting, sewing and duct taping I’ve done to my packs, it’s almost laughable, seeing as Clik Elite has dialed in some awesome camera packs, which don’t require any scissors. I won’t bore you with my past contraptions, but will share the two I currently love, which coordinate with varying types of climbing... Read More

May Photo Contest 2013 – Winners

Show Us Your Gear Photo Contest 2013 (May) To celebrate National Photography Month we decided what better way than to hold a photo contest. Today, we announce the winners of the 2013 May Photo Contest and thank you all for the great photos, comments, and participation. 1st Place – “Chasing the light at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia with a Clik Elite Compact Sport backpack!” 2nd Place – “Clik´s Probody Sport in the German Alps near Garmisch-Partenkirchen” 3rd Place... Read More

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