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Light Packing for Summer Photo Shoots

With summer upon us, now is the time most people are traveling and wanting to take photos of the scenic places they are visiting. Lets face it camera gear can get heavy, and before you know it you have a camera body a tripod and 2 lenses because of that just in case scenario you’ll end up needing the 70-200 but you most likely will just keep shooting with the 50mm. So before you head out the door for your summer photo shoots in 90 degree weather with a 40 pound pack on your back we asked our Elite Immortals to give their tips on packing light for summer photo shoots. Here are... Read More

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: Light, Location & Lenses

Where do I go to get the best shot of…? When do I go to get that shot? These questions have troubled travelers and photographers for years. Travel photography is more available and affordable than ever. Great travel photography boils down to three things: Light, Location and Lenses. In the following short paragraphs I will share with you the prime basics I have learned over the last 30 years of travel photography. Since the early 1980’s I have traveled to over 160 countries—yes, there are that many and still more to go!  Light. Without it GREAT photography is difficult—even with the... Read More

Improve Your Photography – Step Back and Let Yourself “Get into the Image”

In the sense of getting into the zone to improve your photography, a lot happens before sending pressure thru the cable release. Before opening the shutter at a desired aperture. With the wonderful words of Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practice 10,000 kicks once but the man who has practice one kick 10,000 times” preparation to a proven process comes to mind. I firmly believe visualizing the final outcome of an image long before an exposure happens is merely a manifestation of one’s behavior or attitude towards the craft. I would affirm the only time I didn’t know the... Read More

Produce Better Outdoor Photographs – Lynn Chamberlain

In this tutorial discusses the basic elements of outdoor photography, and what you should look for to compose beautiful outdoor photographs Colors, Light, and Motion all add to the balance of great outdoor photographs. Taking each of these elements into consideration allow you to put these elements into your composition in a way that can convey great emotion. Take these tips out with you on your next outdoor photography trip and see how they affect the end result of your composition. Skill Level:... Read More

The Rule of Thirds by Adam Barker

In this photography tutorial Clik Elite Immortal Photographer Adam Barker explains what the “rule of thirds” is and how to apply the rule of thirds to your outdoor photography compositions. Wikipedia page on The Rule of Thirds States that: “The rule of thirds is a “rule of thumb” or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs, films, paintings, and photographs.The guideline proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines,... Read More

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