Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

Probody Sport and Large Chestpack user review

Clik Elite Standard SLR Adventure Photography Chest Carrier - Grey - Action ShotI’ve got the Probody Sport and the Large Chest Pack. I love them both! The Probody Sport is good for day trips out, carries LOTS of camera gear and plenty of other stuff too! The small pockets are very useful for keeping all the small bi…ts and pieces organized. I use the Chest Pack anytime I’ll be out for just a short period. It’s been especially nice out snowshoeing or hiking, being able to draw and stash the camera so quickly makes it so much easier to get the shot and then quickly stow and go! I ended up with some extra buckles for the chest pack, so my backpacking pack is set up to carry the chest pack, and I’ll be putting that into action in a couple weeks!
-Josh V.