Adventure Photography Camera Bags by Clik Elite

Why the Clik Elite Pro-Express was the perfect bag for this occasion.

I’m one of those people who will try to carry too many grocery sacks from the car to the kitchen table in order to save myself a trip. As a consequence, I’m also one of those people who drops the eggs a lot. Oddly enough, it’s usually only after I’m cleaning yolk off the garage floor that I realize I was acting stupidly. Saving the extra trip back to the car just seemed so. . . worth it, at the time. For some reason, there’s a drive inside of me that hates to leave something behind. I get eggs for $2 a dozen, so as wasteful and ridiculous as my little problem is, its never really... Read More

Clik Elite Camera Body and Lens Wraps

As a working photojournalist and adventure photographer, I cannot emphasize how imperative it is to have both the ability to protect my equipment while on the move, but for the gear I use to protect it to be ergonomic and adaptable to the type of work I do. This is to say that it must not be cumbersome and it must give me rapid access to my camera equipment when I need it because the difference sometimes for me between getting the shot and missing it, is being ready when it happens. Clik Elite Adventure Packs have been a staple in my work process and flow for years now and in the last year I... Read More

From mountain peaks to Sand Dunes the Contrejour 40 gets around.

Emmy award winning producer, director, DP and cinematographer  and #eliteimmortal Steve Gibby talks about the Contrejour 40 in his latest filming  adventure in Southern Utah all in one weekend. “The Clik Elite Contrejour 40 backpacks turned out to be an excellent choice. They’re spacious, comfortable as you walk, and have the many compartments and features a mobile cinematographer, videographer, or still photographer is looking for. The interior dividers can be quickly re-arranged for whatever cameras and accessories you’re using on each production. Beyond that, they just look... Read More

The Clik Elite Venture – One Legendary Pack Deserves Another

The Clik Elite Venture pack is an amazing and versatile adventure photography backpack. Although it is a relative newcomer to the adventure photography scene it has garnered some great reviews as well as having roots that go back to the very inception of the Adventure Photography sport. What happened to the Clik Elite Nature Pack? To fully understand what makes the Clik Elite Venture pack so amazing, we need to look at its predecesor, the Clik Elite Nature pack. The nature was one of the first packs that Clik Elite created. It was very well received by the avid adventure photography... Read More

Clik Elite Volt ClikStand reviewed in Digital Photo Buyer’s Guide 2012

Read this great review of our amazing Volt Adventure Photography Mobile Studio Backpack. Read More

Clik Elite Venture 30 reviewed in July Shutterbug

This July 2011 Shutterbug article has included a review of the Clik Elite Venture 30. View a PDF of the article entry. Read More

Clik Elite Venture 35 reviewed in Popular Photography

This article about the Venture 35 states that “Style is this one’s strong suit. Ergonomically designed to conform to the body, it’s large but not overly so, with smart contours and such utilitarian features as a hydration sleeve, tripod sling, rain flap, and dual, combinable main compartments.” Click Here to read the full article. or head on over and check out the specs of the Venture 35 Adventure Photography Backpack for... Read More

Pro Express user review

I’ve been using the Pro Express pack for a couple of weeks now. For me, this is the perfect travel pack. My computer fits in the front slot (unlike other pack makers that slide the computer into the back… making for a very uncomfortable carry). It will fit perfectly into an over-head on a small plane, and it carries my pro size camera body, 6 lenses, nd filters etc… with ease. Well thought out, well made and comfortable. Love it! -Carolyn... Read More

Impluse Sling user review

I’m back from Japan and you can see my photos on my site below. Just go to the travel page. Most are snapshots…not great photos, but there are a few good ones. The sling worked great! I really liked how versatile and comfortable it was. I loaded it up too much on some days, but it didn’t complain. My set up is a Nikon D700 with 3 primes (35mm, 50mm, 85mm) or 2 primes and one zoom (35mm, 50mm and 28-200mm). Add in the hoods and a Benro carbon travel tripod (about 13 inches and around 1lb) and the camera portion was full. Add in a filter pouch, a LEE holder and shade, glasses, water,... Read More

Traveler user review

The Traveler is my strolling bag for around town and short walks. It will carry a small system camera with a couple of lenses, spare battery, cleaning cloth, wind jacket, pen & paper and, of course, a phone. I sometimes add an accessory pou…ch to the side to carry a handheld GPS receiver. The pack is easy to carry with either the shoulder strap or grab handle, provides quick access to the inside, and sheds a modest rain. The moderately stiff construction, dividers and wrap-around zippers work well to secure the contents, although it is a front loader so I have to be careful when opening... Read More

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