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Soft Wrap Bundle
Soft Wrap Bundle - Save 10%

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Winter time is a great time to bundle up!
Protect your gear and receive a huge discount while your at it!

Get a Body wrap for your camera body with a lens attached, and two lens wraps to protect lenses, flashes and/or other valuable camera gear.

Your camera’s life could not get any more comfy than being nestled in these soft, protective wraps while on an adventure in a wintery wonder-land.

Camera Body Wraps

This Pro-body wrap fits your Pro-Body DSLR with an attached lens.

Pro Body

Lens Wraps

This medium lens wrap fits a medium sized professional lens.


Lens Wraps

This small lens wrap fits smaller prime professional lenses or most kit lenses.



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Don’t let mishaps affect your precious camera gear. A soft wrap bundle gives you peace of mind, protecting your camera, lenses, or other important equipment. Things are often better when they come in 3’s. Order a Soft Wrap bundle and build a great combination of protection and peace of mind. This package includes a pro-body camera wrap, medium, and small Lens Wrap to carry your go-to setup plus an additional lens– all nicely protected and ready to go at a moments notice.

Made of soft and strong neoprene material with a simple hook and loop closure. Neoprene provides both cushion and stretch to form fit around wider lenses, camera bodies, and other items.

Click here to see a video review of the Clik Elite Lens Wraps, and Body Wraps.

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Camera Body Wraps




Lens Wraps


Lens Wraps



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