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Carolyn Guild (1951-2015)

Clik Elite Immortal: Carolyn Guild

“We remember images that we want to remember. The reason why we want to remember an image varies: because we simply “love it,” or dislike it so intensely that it becomes compulsive, or because it has made us realize something about ourselves, or has brought about some slight change in us. Perhaps the reader can recall some image, after the seeing of which, he has never been quite the same.” — Minor White  (1908-1976)


Snowpatch | Carolyn Guild


Clik Elite mourns the loss of Carolyn Guild who chose trails leading towards eternal and lasting significance in her life and in her artistic expression.

She infused her soul, her life and experiences into the poetry and vision of the images she gathered and shared.


Carolyn Guild stands in front of some of her gallery pieces.

Photo provided by Carolyn Guild


While creating his series of clouds, Alfred Stieglitz coined the term “equivalence” which Minor White further defined as the moment when “both subject matter and manner of rendering are transcended, by whatever means, that which seems to be matter becomes what seems to be spirit.”  Equivalence, White said, is “the backbone and core of photography as a medium of expression-creation.”  It is a state beyond the surface reached with persistence. “Centrality” or “spirit” enables an artist to work through to something beyond… “No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer it has chosen.”


Spirit of Water no. 1

Spirit of Water | Carolyn Guild


Carolyn chose her subjects and her subjects chose her.

The images she captured are accurate reflections of both her subject and her self—but also profoundly mirror the viewer’s self as well.

One need only look at her work Temple of the Moon – Temple of the Sun to see into her soul and to understand this connection.

Composing and focusing this shot before dark, she wandered about the desert then retraced her own footsteps in the sand back to her tripod where an image unfolded and revealed itself of airy cloud bands like flowing extensions of the many layers embedded in the stone all made brilliant by the moonlight.

I composed and focused my shot before dark… and left my tripod in place. Then wandered about the desert to fin[d] it at around 3 a.m. or so after my alarm sounded… we’d made tracks in the sand/multiple trips to get a good solid trail… once I found the tracks, I found my tripod… and voile’ – the clouds were pure magic that night and the moon gave me light.”  –Carolyn Guild

Her work, using the words of Minor White, “affirms” her “presence” that remains with us, continues to touch and inspire, enables us to take something away, perennially, over and over again, serving as a mirror, enabling recognition of something in ourselves—intellectually, emotionally, and kinesthetically…leaving us forever changed.

Carolyn continues to give us light.



Carolyn works out of her Clik Elite Venture backpack

Photo by: Alex Santiago

A classic American Photographer, Carolyn Guild, b. 1951, was a bright light on the Clik Elite team.

Carolyn Guild’s photographs have gained International attention as she has won numerous awards including B&W Magazine’s Gold Award for Seascape/Water (2010) and Landscape/Nature (2007), First Place at PX3 — Prix de la Photographie — Paris in Professional — Nature/Water (2009) and Second Place in Professional — Nature/Water (2010). Her work has also been awarded by IPA — International Photography Awards and the Black and White Spider Awards.

Carolyn’s work can be found in public and private collections and is exhibited in galleries and museums. Carolyn Guild’s landscape photography provides glimpses of nature in its purest sense, using light to see into darkness. She traveled extensively to capture her transfixing black and white photographs.

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