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The Clik Elite Venture – One Legendary Pack Deserves Another

The Clik Elite Venture Pack sets a new standard for Adventure PhotographyThe Clik Elite Venture pack is an amazing and versatile adventure photography backpack. Although it is a relative newcomer to the adventure photography scene it has garnered some great reviews as well as having roots that go back to the very inception of the Adventure Photography sport.

What happened to the Clik Elite Nature Pack?

To fully understand what makes the Clik Elite Venture pack so amazing, we need to look at its predecesor, the Clik Elite Nature pack. The nature was one of the first packs that Clik Elite created. It was very well received by the avid adventure photography community, garnered praise from everyone who reviewed the pack, and as a result it was very hard to keep in stock.

Backpacker Gear Guide rates the Nature “Best Photo Pack”

Carolyn Guild Says the Nature Pack is “The Most Comfortable Pack”

New York Times Reviews the Nature Pack and says “My Choice for Carrying a Lot of Gear a Long Ways” One of the packs that started it all, the Clik Elite Nature pack was the start of what has become the Clik Elite Venture Pack

You get the picture.

But with all the glowing reviews, the Nature was a first generation pack that set a new standard. Users of the Clik Elite Nature, although ecstatic with the packs performance, had some bits of feedback about the way that they used their packs. Clik Elite is always listening to our customers, and striving to provide the best most usable products. So our chief designer, Bryce Thatcher (Outdoor Industry Pack Design Pioneer) took this feedback to heart and resolved to make this already amazing pack even better. As he adjusted the Nature’s design based on the users request, he realized that some fundamental structural changes would be required to form all the changes into the perfect pack.

The Clik Elite Venture Pack is Born

So going back to the drawing board and re-imagining the Nature an entirely new pack was born. The new Venture included many changes from its predecesor, Lighter, Larger Photo Gear Capacity, Easier Access, Greater Versatility, Ergonomics, Comfort, Tipout Tripod Sleeve, etc…

As the changes were applied the Venture had been molded into existence  It was the Nature Pack 2.0, a more youthful sleeker look, with the wisdom of seasoned photographers experience. If a parents experiences could be directly passed on to their children, the result would be similar to the process by which Clik Elite Venture Pack came into being. So join the growing number of users who are upgrading their adventure photography experience to the Clik Elite Venture, and are truly discovering what it means to be an adventure photographer.

True to its heritage here a few reviews of the amazing Clik Elite Venture Pack

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